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The New Face Of Terror Is Here... 

'Hoodman' is a horror-suspense-crime-thriller feature film written, produced and directed

by Mark W. Curran.


It is the story of a young girl struggling against her inner and outer demons as she battles the forces of evil when an urban legend killer stalks her family.


In the tradition of the 1980's horror films such as 'Halloween,' and 'Friday The 13th,' 'Hoodman' imparts a smart contemporary and hip tone, bringing the 80's classic style into today's millenial-driven Blumhouse sensibility.


The film places an emphasis on suspense and hidden terror rather than blood and gore, while tackling universal themes of the power of belief and the nature of depression, identity and suicide.


At its heart, it is the story of a troubled young girl's fight to overcome impossible odds and emerge the triumphant victor.


It also introduces a unique, exciting and franchise-ready villain antagonist into the lexicon of horror antagonists from which only the most resilient Final Girl will escape. (Or will she?)

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Mark W. Curran


Brian J. Smith


Jack Parker

Production Coordinator 

Kansas Rene Starr

Executive Producers 

Pearl Menjivar

Wolf Schlicht 


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